Terms & Conditions

Looking to work with us?

Yep, we have to cover the boring stuff then! We’re excited to work with you and, since we put heart and soul (plus a lot of time) into it, we want to be sure we’re both happy. Makes sense, right?

Joyce from EatLiveLovefood looking bored with terms and conditionsWe make a committment to you, which we outline here.

What we ask of you is not much in return:

  1. Give us 24 hours notice when you can’t make a consultation, that way we can offer last minute consultations to others if needed. We’re happy to accomodate in an emergency, but our time is just as important as yours 🙂
  2. You’ve taken the first step by booking the appointment (yay!), so the next step is to read the intro email and fill in the questionnaire so we can get to know what you need before the appointment. We really do spend a lot of time before and after each appointment to make sure your committment is matched by ours.
  3. Set aside time in your agenda. This is so you can have time for the appointments, time to reflect and read the programme and time to implement. Consider it a bit of ‘ME’ time…sounds fabulous, doesn’t it?