Lose Weight Sustainably

Weight loss is 80% diet. What are you waiting for?!

So many of us tend to hold extra weight that we don’t think should be there. We all know that overeating and not enough exercise can result in weight gain, but have you ever found that even when you’ve worked hard, you can’t seem to shift the weight? Or that you have to be really strict with yourself?

There could be another way…

Weight is not only related to energy in (food) vs energy out (exercise). If it were that simple more of us would be really thin. The quality of your food is also really important. Not only that, but other contributing factors could include:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Food intolerance
  • Thyroid issues
  • HPA axis dysfunction
  • Hormonal imbalances

Join me as I help you navigate the way forward for sustainable weight loss. Book a Nutrition Guidance consultation*, below, and we’ll assess whether the programme is right for you. You’ll also leave with the very first steps you need to start with before entering the full programme.

The programme

During the programme we will meet weekly for 6 weeks. By the end you may experience what many people have already:

  • Improved energy
  • A better sense of your own health (individualised advice for you as a whole person)
  • A change in the shape of your body
  • Better digestion (no more bloating)

Your commitment is paramount to your success! Be sure that you can commit 1 hour of your time per week for the appointments. From week two, this may be via video instead. You also need to allow time for shopping and food preparation, if you don’t already do this.

This programme is designed to set you up for long-term weight loss and the discovery of what’s keeping you from losing weight. It does not guarantee immediate weight loss, although it frequently occurs.

Getting started

If you want to find out if you are eligible and to take the initial steps, book a Nutrition Guidance appointment on the form below.* If you have any questions please book a free 15 minute call on the form below or email us at info@eatlivelovefood.com

*The initial stage is paid in advance and costs €50.

Book today!

It’s the easiest first steps you’ll ever take!


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