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Great kimchi & pickles workshop

I attended the pickles and the kimchi (online) workshops, learned so much about fermentation and got great, tasty results. Joyce is a great teacher, lots of background knowledge about nutrition and fermentation!
- Axel

Huge positive impact on my life!

Consultations with Joyce have been nothing short of a revelation.  She straight away diagnosed an underlying, previously undetected, condition that had been detrimentally impacting my life. And then, with her extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience guided me to realistic dietary and lifestyle changes.  Working with Joyce has had a huge positive impact on my life 🙂
- Tara

Starter Pack

I bought the starter pack from eatlivelovefood for weight loss purposes and low energy. I've been to two consultations so far and my experience has been amazing, as I learned the reasons behind why it matters what we eat and the importance of portion sizes. For me it is really important to know that so that I have the motivation to maintain it long-term. Now that I know the importance of eating nourishing foods and noticed how my energy levels increased I am eager to eat properly for keeping myself healthy.
- Flavia

Kombucha and Kefir workshop

I attended Joyce`s kombucha and kefir workshop and It was amazing! She guided us through the whole process patiently, she made us taste delicious stuff..all in a cosy and familiar atmosphere. Joyce is professional and friendly, she is really knowledgeable and I will definitely attend more of her workshops!
- gessica lucci

Kefir & Kombucha Evening 13/3/20

Thx Joyce, it was a very 'gezellig', clear and interesting workshop. Beautifully connecting people, bacteria and yeasts 😉
- Friso van Overbeek