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I've got higher energy levels!

I came to see Joyce about improvements to general nutrition and health. She taught me about the right balance of the right foods and recommended some good supplements. This has resulted in me having high energy levels at work and more importantly, out of work as well as feeling healthier. Thanks Joyce!
- Steve

Weight loss programme

The 6 weeks to a sexier, healthier you programme Is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. You certainly reach all the benefits described in the website (and even more) if you are really committed to it. Joyce and Lorna have designed a program that is fun to discover, very tasty menus to cook, clear advice of healthy nutrition and proper workouts. Before joining I thought I was eating properly, but I was not even close. I became aware that I have the tendency to indulge in sweet snacks, especially after workouts. I was missing loads of information and inspiration. At the beginning I was a bit concerned about the sudden increment in my weekly budget for food. We all know that healthy food is pricey, but then later realizing the health, mental and emotional benefits you get is totally worth it. Since I had no more need to indulge in unhealthy snacks, I noticed I was spending probably the same amount than before but eating 100% times better. I now know what my body needs for me to have a happy, healthy and energetic day. I felt my muscles after a fun workout at the park, reduced centimetres from my waist and hips and lost kilos. I can't believe I spent so much time thinking about it as I have no regrets!
- Monica

Not Hungry at all!!

I had decided to do the program as I am first a fan of Lorna's PT session and second as I was curious to learn more about nutritionally balanced eating habits. After the 6 weeks I was not hungry at all!!! Secondly, skipping coffee and sugar was much easier than expected. Thirdly, my body changed shape; I am getting a lot of compliments and I feel it too, especially with my jeans. Globally, I really feel great; in good shape, healthy, not stuffed and I'm experiencing with ingredients I did not have on my agenda before. The first 2 weeks were difficult when I was not yet so sure about what to do and very much trying to follow the plan exactly. Today my awareness of what I eat is sharpened and I will definitely continue to follow the golden rules aiming to do 80% right!
- Miriam

Changed my life

My experience at EatLiveLovefood has been extremely good. I contacted Joyce because I felt my diet wasn't working for me anymore. I didn't have much energy and my anxiety levels were high. After a couple of months following Joyce's instructions, I can tell the difference. Every day is better. I feel much calmer and my energy levels are improving. Joyce is very helpful, approachable and knowledgeable. Without her support I would have never been able to change my bad eating habits. Her approach is clear and consistent. I would recommend her 100% to anybody looking for nutritional therapy or advice!
- Ana

My energy increased significantly

I came to see Joyce about improvements to general nutrition and health as I have a demanding and time-intensive job with very irregular eating habits and little time to exercise, which can be quite draining and stressful. She taught me about the right balance of the certain foods and recommended some good quality supplements. These not only helped significantly increase my energy levels but also improved my sleeping habits using stress reduction techniques. Joyce was very good at finding solutions for me that I could easily fit into my busy lifestyle. When we met the second time to review my progress, I had already integrated most of her recommendations into my daily routine and saw results within the first months without too much of an effort on my part. I was amazed to see how easy it can actually be to feel so much healthier all around. Joyce has given me a great motivational boost and this has given me the push to make other changes in my life.
- Kinga