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What does happiness mean to you?

We asked you about happiness, how do you interpret it? What makes you happy? These are your responses…

Minimum Effort, Maximum Health and Happiness

Greatly improving your health and happiness with minimal effort? You can do it!

Over the years, we have talked to thousands of people and we noticed that small changes in their diet and lifestyle lead to big results in their overall health and happiness.

That is how the Happiness Hub came into being.

The Happiness Hub: Information and Interaction

The Happiness Hub is a place to learn more about health, happiness and nutrition. Here, various sources such as interesting articles, blog posts and videos  give you the information you need about food, mood and energy levels. The Happiness Hub encourages interaction, because we love learning from each other.

Sustainable Change Is Easier Than You Think



Anna came to us when she experienced low energy levels. She mentioned straight away that she was a yo-yo dieter and had difficulties committing to change. We discussed her history of eating habits and decided to have her monitor her protein intake for just ONE day. A minor commitment with a major effect on her overall wellbeing.

A relatively easy action such as monitoring food intake, made Anna aware of what her body and mind really needed. This led to her choosing the types of food that benefitted her energy levels and by experiencing their positive effect, incorporating them into her diet.

Today, Anna has made many sustainable changes in her day to day life. Since she took it one step at a time, it felt like a natural process that was easy to manage…and it all started with that ONE commitment she made to herself.

Focussing on Food Habits First

Many people visit our practice with low energy and a low mood. Several clients are suffering from a burnout or slowly recovering from it. It’s only at this stage they start focussing on their diet.

What if we would change our perspective and focus on food habits first? Analysing our food habits before we developed an illness? We could start by changing just ONE thing in our day to day lives. This ONE thing then sparks a domino effect that will ultimately topple the biggest obstacles in our life.

The Principle of Incrementalism

When Sir Dave Brailsford became Performance Director of British Cycling in 2002, the team had almost no record of success. In its 76-year history, British cycling had only won a single gold medal. This quickly changed under Sir Dave’s leadership, when his squad won seven out of ten gold medals in track cycling at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Four years later at the London Olympics, the results were similarly impressive.

How did Sir Dave Brailsford inspire his athletes to become Olympic gold medalists? By applying the principle of incrementalism:

“The whole principle came from the idea that if you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved it by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together.”

Sir Dave Brailsford

What if we apply the principle of incrementalism to our health and happiness? We could break down everything that might contribute to burnout for example, and start improving these separate contributors by 1%. In theory, this should stimulate an easier and more effective recovery.

You Can Spark a Domino Effect!

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes, when facing a challenge. The Happiness Hub helps you break large obstacles into smaller, comprehensible changes that you implement one at a time. These small-scale successes keep you motivated throughout the process and build a strong base for greater health and happiness.

High school teacher Stephen Morris uploaded a YouTube video in 2009, demonstrating the domino effect. He explains the physics of how pushing over a 5mm high domino can eventually topple a piece that is over a metre tall and weighs more than 45kg!

Imagine what you could trigger with one small change today!

Are you ready to change just ONE thing in your food habits? This small change could lead to a massive change in your day to day life. Something you think would never be possible. Are you ready? For more inspiration, click here.