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Leaky Gut and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Exploring the link between gut health and ASD A recent review, published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, found that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) were more prone to have certain digestive issues. Author Megan R Santuary and her colleagues are urging researchers to perform more experimental and clinical research on children with these disorders to aid in individual…

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Adventures in Sourdough

The last month or so I’ve been delving back into making sourdough. Or rather I should say I’ve gotten back into attempting sourdough. Several years ago, I looked online and tried to make a sourdough starter and somehow couldn’t make it work. I know. It’s easy. Says everyone. Still, I didn’t get it. Why do you have to throw loads…

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Kimchi Fermentation Workshops

Kimchi + a Surprise Ferment If you’ve wanted to learn how to ferment foods (and why) then join this workshop. Looking for a gift for a friend, but not sure what? Take a lazy weekend day and turn it into a fun afternoon! You’ll get to take home a pot of your own kimchi and recipe booklet. Here’s what you’ll…

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Dragon Ballz Recipe

To defend your health against evil! Just as Goku defended the earth against evil, so will these Dragon Energy Ballz defend your health against blood sugar lows. Loaded with protein, some healthy fats and fibre, just pop a few of these for a snack and you are set until lunch! Evil loses and your health prevails! Super easy to make,…

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How to Build Habits That Stick

I am a failure at making habits Recently, I was contacted by a client who was feeling overwhelmed. They hadn’t been able to follow everything in the programme that we had discussed and were feeling guilty about it. They hadn’t gotten into good habits and were worried that they had let me down. Feeling disappointed that they hadn’t done it…

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Is Valentine’s Day a Day for Love or Selflove?

Love vs Selflove As Valentine’s Day is now upon us I wish you a day where you feel loved, but most of all I wish for you that it’s something you feel every other day. Does your partner have something nice planned for you? Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or a birthday, we’re often waiting for someone else to demonstrate their…

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Managing Your Energy in the Workplace

Stress and Energy Low at Work? Managing your energy in the workplace can be quite a challenge. Many people only feel the effects of a long day of hard work, but don’t take the time to investigate the causes of feeling so stressed out. Step One Why not make an old fashioned list? Create four columns, two of which are…

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7 Ways to Manage Your Stress Levels and Avoid Burnout

Stress puts you at risk of burnout As busy people we have a lot on our plates. High stress levels have become normal in our lives and a bit of stress helps us perform, but experiencing stress for a longer period of time is a risk for our wellbeing. What is the difference between Stress and Burnout? Stress There is…

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Interview: Surviving Postpartum Depression

Real Life Stories of Postpartum Depression Several weeks ago I was speaking to my very good friend Julia, who agreed to be interviewed about her postnatal experience. We’ve known each other a long time and her experience, along with that of my clients and other friends over the years, demonstrate that it is very common, but not commonly spoken about….