Healthy Recipes

Courgette Banana Bread

We would come home from school to find the house filled with the smell of a freshly baked loaf. It was a way of showing her love, besides the million hugs I received, and contributed to my love of food.

Healthy Recipes

Christmas Gift Workshops

[:en] Saturday 8 December If you’re like most people you’re looking for your gifts at the last minute…not this year! Join us for one or two workshops – they’re both on the same day and back to back! Join for one or join for the whole afternoon. Workshop One: 13.30 – 15.00 You’ll be making enough gifts for four of…

Healthy Recipes

Popsicles, Ice lollies and Freezer pops – Oh My!

Summer means popsicles…right?! I don’t know if you’ve noticed the amazing weather out there, but we have! Spending time in lighter clothing, enjoying the sun and picnics in the park or the back garden. We’re all finally getting vitamin D onto our skin and with the long days, this boosts moods everywhere! You might find you’re eating less and fresher…

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Dragon Ballz Recipe

To defend your health against evil! Just as Goku defended the earth against evil, so will these Dragon Energy Ballz defend your health against blood sugar lows. Loaded with protein, some healthy fats and fibre, just pop a few of these for a snack and you are set until lunch! Evil loses and your health prevails! Super easy to make,…

Happiness Health/Healthy Recipes

Hearty Borlotti Bean Soup

It’s World Food Day and I’ve been thinking all day about the people around the world who don’t have enough to eat. In support, I decided to remind myself of all the things in my life I need to be grateful for…not take it for granted. You can see that post on Instagram here. I also wanted to lower my footprint…

Healthy Recipes

Artichoke and Pistachio Soup

Cooking at Home This delicious soup is very easy to prepare and is especially good for the heart and the liver. Serves 2-4. Recipe adapted from The Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods written by Dr Michael Murray and Dr Joseph Pizzorno with Lara Pizzorno. tbsp = tablespoon tsp = teaspoon Ingredients 1 parsnip, cubed 2 tins of drained artichoke hearts (frozen is…

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Join Our Recipe Challenge!

Looking for some cooking inspiration? Feeling motivated and creative? Or maybe you’re already a confirmed foodie and want to share your love of food while learning about the benefits. You are in the right place! Recipe Challenge Each month we are going to be making a video of a recipe submitted by one of our followers. You can find inspiration from the…

Healthy Recipes

The Best Kombucha Recipe in Amsterdam

For the Love of Kombucha A few weeks ago, my good friend Lorna, from Wilson’s Workouts asked me to write a post for her blog about kombucha. I love that she asked me to do this as our friendship sort of evolved around kombucha! When I first arrived in Amsterdam years ago, I joined a Dutch class straight away and Lorna…

Healthy Recipes

[:en]Detoxify and Boost Your Energy[:]

[:en] Detoxification This smoothie is sweet and fresh and is a good liver detox! We were looking for a delicious snack between breakfast and lunch and this really hit the spot. It also looks really beautiful with the little red flecks running through it. See below for the full list of ingredients. Detoxification occurs in your liver, but when it’s…