Private consultations

Your fees may be covered by your insurance and and therefore, you should always check with them first. See below for my registration details and then book an appointment. Please also see our T&C’s.

Starter’s package – €265

This package includes 1 initial intake + 2 follow up appointments. When you book the initial consultation, you’ll receive an invoice within 48hrs, which will include the 2 follow up appointments. Payment is due upfront on receipt. We include dates of the follow up appointments so you can make a claim to your insurance, but the dates can be altered to fit your schedule when you come to your initial appointment.

The initial intake is 1-1,5 hours, including a personalised written programme that contains advice on foods, exercise, supplements and tests, where required. See our consultations page for more details.

Follow up consultation – €75

45 minutes,including a personalised written programme that contains advice on foods, exercise, supplements and tests, where required

One Year of Consultations – €490

Over the course of the year you’ll have 7 consultations and they will be more frequent in the beginning while we get to know your goals, blockages and get you really motivated.

From now until the end of 2017 you have a chance to win this package…ENTER here.

Maintenance package – €250

6 x follow up video consultations of 30 minutes each. A lighter version of the follow up and great value as you save time and money on travel.

This is normally only available for clients out of country, or who cannot travel. If you would rather find someone locally, please ask us at your next appointment.


We sometimes recommend that you have some tests done and it is always up to you; you are in control of your own health and finances. Aside from the tests we may get you to request from your doctor, they are not usually covered on insurance in the Netherlands.

Laboratory testing

Costs depend on test, but range from €70-400 (a kit is sent to your home)

These tests include:

  • Stool analysis
  • Nutrient status (hair mineral analysis or other)
  • Blood tests (sometimes these are available from your doctor, such as vitamin D, B12 etc)
  • Pyroluria
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Many more are possible

Anthropometric testing

These may be done in our clinic or at your home and have €0 cost

This may include:

  • Stomach acid levels
  • Thyroid temperature test (Broda Barnes)
  • Weight and other anthropometric measurements
  • Vitamin C tolerance

Corporate Wellness

There is a variety of options available and these can be adapted to your team size and needs. Contact us for package prices on the following:

Wellness programmes

A series of workshops for individual teams spread throughout the year

Employee consultations

Monthly consultation days for 6 months, choose from half days or full days. These are for employees that may be at risk of burnout, have low energy, or have requested to see a Nutritional Therapist

Wellness days (Dag Uitje)

A combination of workshops, a healthy lunch and private mini-consultations given over the day by a team of Nutritional Therapists

Insurance coverage

Joyce Bergsma is registered with the Orthomolecular Society in the Netherlands (MBOG). Consultation are covered all or in part by most insurance companies, excluding your excess. Check here for your insurance coverage.

You do not need a doctor’s referral in order to book an appointment.
You can confirm with your insurance company and provide these details to them if needed:

  • Joyce Bergsma is an Orthomoleculaire Deskundige
  • AGB praktijk: 90-56273
  • AGB code: 90-047693
  • MBOG lid (membership number): 782TL

Things to note:

  1. All prices are inclusive of BTW of 21%
  2. Private consultations may be rescheduled or cancelled, but notice of less than 24 hours notice incurs 100% charge.