Suiker doodt je seksleven

Are you a secret sugar addict? I must confess I also crave a lot of sugary foods…chocolate in particular is my weakness. Since attempting to really reduce the amount of added sugar I’m eating, I feel much better physically, although I crave it even more! I would normally eat a whole bar of chocolate in one […]

Heeft gluten een schadelijke effect op je hersenen?

Je hebt misschien gehoord over de schadelijke effecten van gluten op je darmen als u coeliakie of zelfs een intolerantie voor gluten heeft. Heb je ook gehoord dat het invloed kan hebben op je hersenen en kan leiden tot  aandoeningen, zoals depressie, angst, dwangstoornissen, schizofrenie en meer? Symptomen van glutengevoeligheid Je voelt je opgeblazen na het […]

The 5 best reasons to become a fermentation guru

…or a fermenting novice at least When I first moved to Amsterdam, I felt a certain freedom that I didn’t have in London. There was more space, I had a balcony, and after a short while I got a garden plot at I can change the world with my two hands. This meant that I […]

What is Epigenetics?!!

Epigenetics and Neuroepigenetics We all know that our genes play a role in who we are, what colour our hair and eyes are and whether we are artistic or sporty. What is really important though, is how those genes present themselves. Genes can be turned off, on, cranked up or toned down depending on our environment […]

Lost in the expat desert

Anna – a case study, part 1 by Stephen Davies, Psychologist & Running Therapist Introducing Anna Anna is a 26 year old female from the United States that has been living in the Netherlands for about 5 years. She decided to move after meeting her current partner Hans while travelling around Europe. The initial organisation […]

Take off those heavy boots

7 ways to rid yourself of the blues (a.k.a…depression)   In the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the main character, Oskar Schell, describes his depression as ‘wearing heavy boots’.  I know I’ve worn heavy boots from time to time, but you may use different words to describe it. No matter how you describe it, I think […]