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Initial consultations

Our first meeting will last one and a half hours, during which you can expect the following:

  • We will discuss your symptoms, your health history and diet;
  • we will explain to you what the underlying issues may be, linking the systems involved with your symptoms;
  • you’ll learn what foods may benefit you in this situation;
  • we may also recommend functional testing* either from your doctor or a private laboratory

During your first appointment we will agree on a plan for you to follow between consultations. You will receive a personalised programme on diet, exercise and supplements, where appropriate, that will include recipes and detailed explanations as required. Remember, you are in control of your health and also the changes you decide to make.

For each intake consultation we spend at least 4 hours on your case; that includes research, time in the appointment and developing your programme. Why? We are really committed to setting you up to succeed!

**Bonus! If you have a quick question between consultations, you can call or email and we aim to reply within 48hrs.

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Ready to answer your questions.

Follow up Consultations

During this 45 minute consultation you can expect the following:

  • We will review progress;
  • if you found anything that was difficult to comply with in the programme we will agree some adaptations;
  • celebrate any measurable changes in your symptoms;
  • discuss any new symptoms, concerns or direction you want to take

Discussing test results is often a key part of the consultation and often requires changes to the programme. You will always receive copies of the test results and any necessary background information.

From the beginning you will have been given a clear programme of how we will progress, especially if your care will last over many sessions so during this session the programme going forward will be reviewed and updated where necessary.

You will receive the same detailed programme and the same support between appointments as with an initial appointment. If you feel the need for a longer consultation that is also possible to arrange and we also offer a maintenance package that can be used over a longer period of time. Consultations are normally booked in your previous consultation, online or you can ring us at any time.


Frequently asked questions – FAQs

1. *What is Functional testing?

Testing how your body is functioning is done via blood, urine, saliva or stool samples and provides us with a confirmation of what we suspect the underlying problem to be and to what extent the problem is.  These tests can greatly influence the recommendations provided and are an extremely useful tool. This involves sending a kit to you so you can provide the sample that is to be tested in an environment that is comfortable. Sometimes we will recommend simple tests that you can do at home for free. This is an integral part of the Functional Medicine model we use in our clinic.

2. How many consultations will I need?

Many clients need a minimum of three consultations before moving onto a ‘nutrition checkup’, but some clients see us for longer. This depends on the programme, how complicated your health concerns are and how much support you need while making sustainable change. For this reason, the packages start with three consultations. This gives us time to give you support, see where you’re headed and allow you to really start to see changes.

We often spend decades building up disease and it takes time to unwind the issues and to effect change. Don’t be surprised if your body takes some time to heal.

Often this process is dependent on your compliance to the program and can also be influenced to what extent the program goes**. Most people struggle to change their lifestyle due to personal commitments, finances etc, but we are here to support you along the way and help you find the best way to achieve your goals.

3. How and when do I pay for a consultation?

For the initial three consultations, payment is due upfront. Once you’ve made your first appointment booking, you’ll receive an invoice and it should be paid on receipt, before the appointment.

For further appointments, payment is due on receipt of the invoice, but you may also pay in cash at the appointment. The invoice will be emailed to you after you receive your nutrition programme.  After that you can make a claim to your insurance; see if you qualify here.


**There are some health concerns where it is safer for you to make changes slowly (ie die-off reaction with candida, dramatic weight loss where there is high toxicity and/or poor digestion etc).

NOTE: Consultation fees will be charged at 100% if less than 24 hours has been given to cancel or change the consultation.