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Highlights on Horseradish

Horseradish, wasabi, mustard…all of these cause that distinctive sharpness in your nose. There’s a reason that they have a similar reaction and we’re going to give you our horseradish highlights. The long white root we call horseradish, like wasabi, is from the Brassica family of plants (as well as broccoli, cabbage and Brussel sprouts). Mustard […]

Veggie of the Week

Top 5 tips for Balancing Blood Sugar

Feeling fatigued? I was at the opening of a new salad restaurant in Amsterdam called Venkel this past Sunday and had the chance to taste again their delicious Linzenliefde (Lentil Love) salad. What I love about this salad is the beautiful mix of flavours and textures between the lentils, the dates, the goat’s cheese and the crunchy […]

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The Citrus Paradise

Juicy, tart and tangy, with an underlying sweetness, the grapefruit was named Citrus paradisi in Latin, meaning paradise. First discovered in Barbados, it was a natural cross between the orange and the pomelo. Highlighting the Nutrients Low in calories, grapefruits are a good source of phytochemicals, including flavonoids, lycopene, limonenes and glucarates. Grapefruit pectin has […]

Veggie of the Week

Organic Food: Is it a Scam?

Go Local Every Saturday I make my way to my local organic market in the heart of the Jordaan in Amsterdam as I believe it’s important to buy organically. My favourite stall at the Noordemarkt, as it’s called, is the Ysselstein stall with organic grains displayed in sacks, dried fruit and nuts, fresh olives and […]

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Useful links

Regulatory and Educational Bodies Health Related Societies and Charities Thinking about how Food Affects the Bigger Picture – watch this 20 min video to see how our consumption has an effect on the world we live in – watch this 1hr, 33min video, with beautiful footage, […]