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How Food Helps Me Sleep Better

Sleepless Nights Since I was a toddler, I’ve been a poor sleeper. I was a light sleeper, so that when my mom would come check on me I would have already heard her and be standing up in my crib. As a child, my parents would let me read late in the hopes that I […]

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How Does a Lack of Sleep Affect Your Mood?

How Sleep Disturbances Affect Mood A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sleep Psychologist, Dr. Katerina Nikolakopoulou. We spoke about the effects that poor, or interrupted sleep, can have on your concentration levels, your mood and overall energy levels. Have you ever been more irritable after a poor night’s sleep? If you […]

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Movement for Mood

Mood improving movement With my work I hear this type of comment a lot: “I feel so good after training” ” I feel so much better on the day I come to boot camp” “I’m so glad I came to the session” Benefits beyond the body The benefits of training can help so much in […]

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Exercise vs chocolate: a stand-off in the fight for happiness

Working out: a new cure for depression? Have you ever wondered about your mental health? Have you ever experienced anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, trauma or ADHD? These are some of the most common mental illnesses which we come across today. Constant rushing and facing problems of everyday life may make you feel overwrought or depressed. Suffering […]

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Sugar kills your sex life

Are you a secret sugar addict? I must confess I also crave a lot of sugary foods…chocolate in particular is my weakness. Since attempting to really reduce the amount of added sugar I’m eating, I feel much better physically, although I crave it even more! I would normally eat a whole bar of chocolate in one […]

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Insomnia makes me a better therapist

For years I have suffered with insomnia. Many sleepless nights, or nights of lying awake for hours, just to fall asleep a half an hour before the alarm was due to go off. When I was a toddler, my mother would sneak upstairs to check on me while I was sleeping. Having been such a […]

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Is gluten damaging your brain?

You may have heard about the damaging effects of gluten on your gut if you have coeliac disease or even an intolerance to gluten, but have you heard that it can also affect your brain and contribute to health conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia and more? Symptoms of gluten sensitivity You feel bloated […]