Meet our interns

Each year we offer several internship opportunities for nutrition students or those newly qualified. Meet our interns that have joined our small team in the past and present.

2016 interns

Shannon Shaw, Nutrition Student

Shannon Shaw, Nutrition Student

Shannon Shaw joined EatLiveLovefood in February 2016 and will be working with us for a period of 4 months. She studies Exercise, Nutrition & Health at Coventry University in the UK and is currently completing a sandwich year in Amsterdam under the Erasmus Programme. She has just finished a 6 month minor in Sport Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and wanted to gain some work experience in nutritional therapy, a field she is interested in going into. She will be acquiring practical experience in a business environment, learning from both the business and client perspective and gaining knowledge on how nutrition can be used to heal the body and mind. She will also be looking for inspiration for her final year dissertation to be completed upon her return to the UK this summer.


Kasia Soltan, Dietician

Kasia Soltan, Dietician

Kasia Soltan graduated from Jagiellonian Medical University in Cracow with a Bachelor degree in Dietetics in 2015. She chose Dietetics as her field of study because ‘we are what we eat’ and she wanted to understand more. She is passionate about showing people that healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring and loves to cook. Another passion of hers is sport. She wants to broaden her knowledge in sport nutrition because she feels these two things really go hand in hand. The key to success is to stay positive and motivated in every aspect of our lives.

Kasia will be working part time at EatLiveLovefood for three months until May 2016 and goes back home to Poland to start her Masters this autumn.

2015 interns

Olga Chupina

Olga Chupina, Nutritional Therapist

Olga Chupin worked at EatLiveLovefood from May to September 2015. Olga was completing her training at CNELM in the UK and worked with us part time for the summer of 2015.

Olga’s nutritional science background means that she will provide robust research and contribute to the content at EatLiveLovefood. She will also be gaining more clinical experience during her time with us.

Martijn won a consultation!

Olga offered one free initial appointment and one free followup appointment to a winner that was randomly chosen on 1 July. To enter, everyone signed up for our newsletter before the end of June and were entered to win. Both consultations took place before the end of August 2015. Olga was observed by Joyce Bergsma, certified Nutritional Therapist.

2014 interns

Havva Yaman, Dietician

Havva Yaman, Dietician

I’d like to introduce a member of our team, Havva Yaman. She joined us for summer 2014 to work as an intern through the Erasmus programme.

She was a senior year Nutrition and Dietetics student from Istanbul, where she was born and raised. She came here to learn about different cultures and the nutrition habits and the daily lifestyle of the Dutch. She studied mother and children’s nutrition in Istanbul, and wanted to share her knowledge by giving a workshop that took place on 2 September 2014. She shared her knowledge, openly discussed questions and found practical nutritional solutions.

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