About Joyce

Joyce Bergsma – Nutritional Therapist

Growing up in Canada, the kitchen was the centre of our family home. My mother taught me how to cook from an early age. I also loved watering the garden and picking the vegetables we grew. Our home-grown carrots might have looked different from their store-bought cousins, but they tasted much better.

As I got older, I noticed how food affected my mood, energy levels, digestion and stress levels.

Healthier Diet, Healthier Life

When several people close to me started developing serious health problems, I felt there could be a connection between these illnesses and their diets. Would a healthier diet create a healthier life?

This interest led me to study nutrition in the UK, where I learned to identify the connections between the systems of the body. I found out how diet, exercise, our environment and genetics affect whether diseases develop or not. Researching the mechanisms of the body and learning about nutrigenetics meant my advice is backed up by science.

Why Mental Health?

Personal interest inspired me to learn how mental health could be influenced by nutrient therapy. Understanding the challenges of adjusting our lifestyles in a consumer society, I am keen to motivate others in making practical changes that enable their bodies to heal themselves.

Sharing Knowledge

As the owner of EatLiveLovefood, my interest in the effects of food on our (mental) health has become my daily work.

I finished my studies at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) in 2010, after having worked as a project manager in the healthcare industry. I worked with charities such as Crisis over Christmas and The Food Chain to provide healthy meals to the homeless and deliver nutrition workshops to clients with HIV and AIDS. Today I continue volunteering with Op Eigen Kracht-training – a foundation originally run by the Dutch Food Bank – where I give workshops to their clients on healthy eating. See below for our interviews and guest blogs.

Professional memberships

British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

Promoting ethical nutrition practice

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which is the regulatory body in the UK



Maatschappij ter Bervordering van de Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde (MBOG), the regulatory body in the Netherlands

Promoting orthomolecular medicine

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