Exercise vs chocolate: a stand-off in the fight for happiness

Working out: a new cure for depression? Have you ever wondered about your mental health? Have you ever experienced anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, trauma or ADHD? These are some of the most common mental illnesses which we come across today. Constant rushing and facing problems of everyday life may make you feel overwrought or depressed. Suffering from insomnia, having mood swings or panic attacks? These symptoms can lead you to ask for professional advice. At this point people often fall back […]


Addicted to sugar?

Sugar kills your sex life

Are you a secret sugar addict? I must confess I also crave a lot of sugary foods…chocolate in particular is my weakness. Since attempting to really reduce the amount of added sugar I’m eating, I feel much better physically, although I crave it even more! I would normally eat a whole bar of chocolate in one sitting because I felt down or low on energy, but this would only satisfy me for a short amount of time and then I would […]

Is gluten damaging your brain?

You may have heard about the damaging effects of gluten on your gut if you have coeliac disease or even an intolerance to gluten, but have you heard that it can also affect your brain and contribute to health conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia and more? Symptoms of gluten sensitivity You feel bloated after you eat grains Eating bread and grains makes you feel tired and you find it difficult to focus You have a reaction to grain […]

Neurological and digestive effects of gluten and gliadin

Ferments we love

The 5 best reasons to become a fermentation guru

…or a fermenting novice at least When I first moved to Amsterdam, I felt a certain freedom that I didn’t have in London. There was more space, I had a balcony, and after a short while I got a garden plot at I can change the world with my two hands. This meant that I could get into gardening and finally have a wormery and other things I’d always wanted to try. So I decided to make sauerkraut. I found […]

What is Epigenetics?!!

Epigenetics and Neuroepigenetics We all know that our genes play a role in who we are, what colour our hair and eyes are and whether we are artistic or sporty. What is really important though, is how those genes present themselves. Genes can be turned off, on, cranked up or toned down depending on our environment (diet, toxins and other environmental factors). Here’s a simple explanation: Using a holistic, Functional Medicine approach, it is possible to influence epigenetics. For a detailed case […]

How you look is influenced by your environment

Anne is feeling lost and alone.

Lost in the expat desert

Anna – a case study, part 1 by Stephen Davies, Psychologist & Running Therapist Introducing Anna Anna is a 26 year old female from the United States that has been living in the Netherlands for about 5 years. She decided to move after meeting her current partner Hans while travelling around Europe. The initial organisation and move itself was very exciting and went without issues. Although Anna was sad to leave her family in the States they were all very […]

Take off those heavy boots

7 ways to rid yourself of the blues (a.k.a…depression)   In the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the main character, Oskar Schell, describes his depression as ‘wearing heavy boots’.  I know I’ve worn heavy boots from time to time, but you may use different words to describe it. No matter how you describe it, I think we can all agree to have worn heavy boots at some time. Sometimes, though, you can’t seem to take the heavy boots off. Have you: […]

Lighten your load

Nutrient rich fasting?

Is Fasting the new Black?

What does the research say? I listened to an interesting webinar on Mitochondria by Ray Griffiths recently. He speaks about these powerhouses in our cells in great detail and, what was most interesting was that they don’t like calories! To be more specific, people who are overweight (and tend to have inflammation throughout their bodies), have lower numbers of mitochondria. This means that overnutrition (too much food in our diets) is making us tired, in addition to leading to diabetes […]

5 Tips for Detoxing Safely

Doing a detox sounds very trendy at the moment, but do we really know what it means? Is it just about giving up alcohol and sugar? You may have heard of the Maple sugar detox (sometimes called the Lemon detox), the Foot spa detox, the Detox food patch and more, but are they safe? A detox that focuses on little more than drawing a few toxins out of your skin is merely putting a plaster on any issues you may […]

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